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Wear Your Love Like Heaven

Wear Your Love Like Heaven is a song and US-single by Donovan, released in 1967. It became the opening title of his double album “A Gift from a Flower to a Garden“. Chart positions were #23 (USA). The song was featured in the Eau De Love (by Menley and James) fragrance commercial in the early 1970s that featured Ali MacGraw. It also was featured in Weekend at Burnsie’s, a 13th season of The Simpsons. They Might Be Giants covered this song as a spoken word piece. The song was recorded by Sarah McLachlan on her 1991 album Solace. The song...

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Ho’oponopono Purple Flower Image

Now you can see what you are getting. The text is small, so it wont be read until someone is very close to you. Otherwise, it just looks like a spiral. Click on it to open and even larger PDF file in a new window. You can see Ho’oponopono men’s Tshirt and Ho’oponopono women’s Tshirt with this art. The post Ho’oponopono Purple Flower Image appeared first on

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