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The 12 Best Fruits

Next time you’re at the supermarket debating whether to pay more for a pint of organic strawberries than you do for your lunch — or deciding if you should choose that wilted organic celery over the crisp green conventional stalks — you might want to refer to the Environmental Working Group’s new wallet-size Shoppers’ Guide. The not-for-profit group lists the “Dirty Dozen” (the 12 fruits and veggies that are the most contaminated with pesticides) and the “Cleanest 12? (those that generally have the lowest amounts of pesticides). There have been some ratings revisions since the last Guide came out in...

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A New Beginning

The actions of individuals and families are the real building blocks of culture and economy and, rather than expect leadership from our elected officials, we need to each take responsibility for building a future we can be proud of. Here are 6 ways we can start building a sustainable future for ourselves and the world. 1. Get growing Building a sustainable future begins with developing a healthy relationship with our environment. The natural cycles of life and the connections between healthy soil, water and air and our personal well-being become obvious to the gardener. If you have a yard, set...

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