Capt Memo in Punta Marona

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We had a fantastic day sailing and snorkeling with Capt Memo! What a genuine character, he will keep you entertained or give you sailing and snorkel education while you sail the aquamarine waters of Punta Marona. We will do this again! and we have a new friend. Since we met sailing, we have spent many hours over some chelas (beers) talking about just everything!

capt nemo punta maronaPunta Marona is in-between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, about 20 minutes South of Puerto Morelos. Punta means Point. The beach there extends out, getting closer to the reef (meso-american reef, the 2nd largest reef in the world). Beautiful white sand and crystal clear water, and no crowds. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) this area, like many in Mexico, is not accessible unless you are staying at a resort in the area.

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