How To Get Your INE – Mexico

logo ine

logo ine

What is the INE

The INE (Instituto Nacional Electoral) is the most common Id used in Mexico, but since it is your voting registration, only Mexican citizens are allowed to get it.

ine id

This INE PDF describes all the data that it contains.


  1. Find the location you like to attend (Modulo)
  2. Make an appointment (Cita)

Documents you need to get INE Id

Proof of Mexican Nationality (Documento de Nacionalidad). Letter of Naturalization (Carta de naturalización) or  Mexican Birth Certificate (Acta de Nacimiento). As a Mexican citizen, you can get a Mexican birth certificate even though born elsewhere.

– Photo ID (Documento de Identidad con fotografía). Your Passport.
Proof of residence (Comprobante de Domicilio). Any bill with your address should do, better more than one just in case. I also brought my lease and ID copy of the owner, but not needed.
– Printout of your appointment

INE site  – documents needed

They didn’t need copies, but i always carry a few of everything just in case for any appointment. They will check your paperwork, locate your address, then take photos and fingerprints. Then they give you a date to come back to pick-up your Id.

My Experience

I went to a module in Playa Del Carmen, here:

ine 1 calle 28 nte playa.del.carmenine playa.del.carmen

There were people in line but proceeded to the door to talk with a rep. They took me in before my appointment time. Dude looked at my papers and gave a number. Sat and waited less than 10 minutes to get called. Lady checked the documents again. Verified the address in the map. They show you all your data on screen to verify its correct. Photos, fingerprints. Then you get to wait again a few minutes and they give you your original documents back and a date to comeback to pickup your Id. Everyone was very pleasant and organized. I give them a 5/5 stars!

Changes in procedures happen often, and may even change per location and even staff. Do your DD and always be over prepared.

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