RV: Decal Removal

Grinding labels of the RV

We purchased our 2000 Monaco 38D a month ago. I have done quite a bit of research and decided to make a go at resurfacing the “Party Bus” aka Lagniappe Land Yacht.


RV photo

I wanted to share if you’re interested in knowing time, effort and equipment for such a project, here ya go:

  • Goof Off Pro Strength didn’t do much.
  • The grey plastic scrapers were nice until my husband handed me a razor! I worried about scratching but realized I’m going to be doing a lot more “scratching” with a wet sander 1500, 2000 and 3000 grit when I’m done. My husband rocks!
  • Goof Off super Glue remover works very well with an white eraser sponge, but
  • CitriStrip finally came in the mail. No one in Reno, NV carries it……..and it ROCKS! The YouTube video guy was right! This Low V.O.C. Adhesive remover is the bomb!
  • Gloves tear easily. Need to find more durable latex.
  • 3M eraser wheel works very well when adhesive remover is dry! Otherwise its smearing the moist adhesive everywhere. Not a problem, but noticed it works better when dry.
  • Protective Eye Wear is proving to be useful when reaching up high. Note to self * keep lips sealed too.
Quick Erase Disk
Good of and orange cleaner

First day – I was trying various products until CitriStrip arrived. 8 Hours of Goof Off Super Glue remover and Pro Strength to strip decals to the right of the refrigerator compartment/vent door. Slow going.

Day Two – CitriStrip cut my time in half. With 8 hours I was able to finish the white arrow and work my way up the decal. The vent is plastic and a pain to clean anything off.

If you have any questions or tips I’m all in! As I work I notice phases I’m going to need to create. For example, adhesive remover gets under the caulking – no matter how hard you try to keep it dry. So being mindful of the caulking area will dictate when you do a full strip before sanding and waxing.

Lawrdy what have I gotten myself into?! LOLOLO